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College Intranet System

College Intranet System

Project Title
College Intranet System
.Net Technologies -> Asp.Net
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MS SQL Server
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“College Intranet System” is a web based project which is mainly designed for sharing books, notes and documents with in education institution. This project providing the features for online e-books, subjects oriented information, online videos, PowerPoint, presentation, forum for discussion in multiple queries and solutions. This project is provided for the students who pursue their department course’s to develop their skills by utilizing the resources which and create the challenging environment within our campus.

The student can be easy gain there knowledge with the help distributed system. This website not only designed with content, with help graphics package, and more flash attractive graphics interface then student can access any time through intranet.

It has two major parts.

  1. User
  2. Admin


User Module has download e-books, ppt, pdf documents and so on.


Admin has authority to upload or delete a subject document like ppt, pdf and so on. He also has power to control the entire site content by just providing his administrator password and also see visitor details of the particular day.


In this project it consists of five modules. They are,

  • Subjects
  • Online E-Books
  • Visitor Reports
  • Forums
  • Online Videos


Home - About Us

This module shows the education institution profile and about the institution to the visitors. It is very helpful to the visitor to know more about the organization.


This module contains all semester subjects which include ppt, pdf, question bank, assignment, and innovative and sample lab programs for student guidance.

Online E-Books

This module consists of more than 500 books where it can be download easily .There books can be used by it professionally. These books are related to more Information Technology and Computer science.

Visitor Reports

Visitor Reports a real-time web site traffic tracking system which gives you valuable statistics about your site visitors. Thanks to our website statistics you will easily track your web traffic: check how many visits and visitors your web site have daily learn how they find the site monitor new, returning and unique visitors as well as analyze their operating systems, IP addresses and a host of other useful website statistics reports.

Online Videos

The purpose of online videos is to maintain store the collection of videos and engage the internet users in online to view videos through internet.

These modules are displays the videos based on the Alphabetical Order, by subject category. The videos lists are stored and maintained in the database by the admin.


Site Admin Login

  • Username : admin
  • Password : admin

ConnectionString Property

 <add name="ConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=;Initial Catalog=collegesystem;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sqlexpress;Password=apinotes" />
Data Source=;
Initial Catalog=collegesystem;
User ID=sqlexpress;

Goto web.config File and Change Connection String Values

  • Data Source - Server Address (Ip Address or Domain Name) -
  • Catalog     - Database Name : collegesystem
  • User ID - Sql Server User Name
  • Password - Sql Server User Password

Attched Zip File Password:

SI NO Filename Download
1 Source Code Download
2 Database Design Sample Download
3 Database Scripts & BackUp Download
Attched File Password: /

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