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The terms 'we' and ‘our’ represents API Notes, its owner/s, or assignees while the term 'you' represents the user of our services or a visitor to any or all of our sites. However, using our site or registering with it, the following terms and conditions become binding on you.

Privacy And Policy:

We give utmost priority to the protection of privacy. Refer to our privacy and policy page for more details on this.

General guideline:

We conduct online courses using our proprietary software and the support materials like audio/video clips, live demonstration, tutoring, and mentoring. We reserve the right to change those without any prior intimation to the users.

We shall be intimating you through emails about the changes pertaining to the privacy policy, administrative functions, and the security of the site as we might feel necessary from time to time. All such revisions will be binding on you.


To use our product and services, you would be required to register with our site first. However, the responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your login ID, password, and the account related activities will solely rest with you. In the case of a security breach here, you must notify us at the soonest for the remedial measures at our end.


All contents on our site are of the highest standard. However, we do not undertake the responsibility for the accuracy or authenticity of the contents submitted on our site by the user community.

Online conduct:

You are solely responsible for your online conduct on our site and you agree that you shall be using all our resources here for the lawful purposes only.

User guideline:

  • As a registered user of our site, we presume that you have read and understood our terms and conditions outlined here.
  • You agree that you would be using our resources such as the content and other support stuff for your own learning only.
  • If you are aged below 18 years, you must obtain a consent from your legal guardian before registering with our site.
  • You will refrain from uploading any third party documents on our site such as the tutorial materials, diagrams, and others.
  • You must not divulge any personal information to any of our instructors and at the same time, must not seek any personal information from the instructors.
  • Your registration with us as an instructor is subject to our approval.
  • As an instructor, you must restrain from submitting any plagiarised content or document on our site.


Independent contributors to our site must indemnify us adequately in the case of any copyright infringement by their writings, postings, and uploading of images and audio/video files. However, please notify us at [email protected] with proofs in the case you find any copyright infringement on our site.


We have no effective control over the individual contributors to our site. Therefore, we deny to take any legal or moral responsibility of the resources, opinions, and examples shared on our site by the individual contributors. Cases pertaining to the copyrights and others must be dealt with the individual contributors directly. We refrain from taking any legal and moral responsibility of the contents/comments from the independent contributors.